Dreaming of turkey and piles of mashed potatoes and gravy, hot apple pie/cobbler and platters of other baked foods? Aside from locking ourselves in a closet, is there any way we can prevent ourselves from over eating during the upcoming holidays?

In order for each of us to have a Healthy Holiday of Eating there are some things that one should observe.

Eat only when you are hungry. There are many who eat when they are not even hungry. They eat because they think they should eat. Forced eating begins early, with our children.

It is not wise to mix food types. Eat foods in the correct order. It is wise to eat foods of one type all at the same time. Eat meats first, slowly, which allows the brain to trigger production of the body's strongest digestive enzymes, the proteases. At this point add a salad, and fifteen minutes later eat your potato. Twenty minutes after the potato is gone, fruits or sweet desserts can be added.

Do not eat when you are feeling stressed, ill, or injured. When we are physically ill or injured, or when our body is too hot or too cold, our digestive system is shut down and our body is in what you could call a healing mode, not digestive mode.

Chew approximately 22 times. Many of us simply gulp down what we drink thinking it's a good thing to do.

Make us of spices and natural digestive aids to help break down the food that you we eat. Some cultures add ginger to their diet, which is good for digestion. Others add hot peppers, a stimulant to the digestive system which aids in the proper digestion of ones food.





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