Unfortunately, some have taken tongues and twisted them into all kinds of unusual things. I've even heard of churches where the preacher "taught" people to speak in tongues. How dumb can you be and still breathe?

The  minister told people, "Just say this after me: 'Rondi, hondi, tie my bowtie.' That's it, brother, you've got it!"

So the brother and sister goes away saying, "Rondi, hondi, tie my bowtie." After two months, these unfortunate souls thinks, "Is this all there is to tongues? What's the big deal?

So they go back to the minister. "Minister, I've just got a few words: "Rondi, shondi, tie my bowtie." What should I do?"

The minister says, "Ah, brother and sister, just add the word 'hondi' to the end of it."

The poor bother and sister go away believing they've been baptized in the Holy Spirit. He has reduced the Holy Spirit to a language. No wonder people of other churches have looked at some of the people who claim to have been filled with the Hold Spirit and said, These folks are crazy as road lizards.

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