Bullying has received enormous attention here in the United States as well as abroad. However, the central focus has been primarily on student-to-student bullying. How about educators that abuse their power over students they are to suppose protect? When teachers verbally and with malice abuse children, the abuse is very rarely identified as it should be --bullying-- permeating the idea that only children, not the adults in charge are bullies.

According to research data bullying is on the increase, there's a noticeable absence of reliable data on adult school bullies. Perhaps because bullying by a teacher or other school personnel is far more difficult to identify, address, and correct. I really don't know what to think of a teacher who crosses the line from discipline to regularly berating, intimidating, and humiliating students, so much so that a child is scared to attend school.

You may be wondering what is a child to do, or how are they to respond? If a child has a bully teacher, fighting back, walking out of the class, or ignoring the teacher are not good solutions. Telling another teacher or even the principal can be risky. The child realizes that by talking to another teacher, another adult at the school , or even their parent, that this ever increasing problem will not likely disappear overnight. So what is a child-- or the parent-- to do?