At 6:00 this evening, community-wide meetings will be held at high schools in the Tuscaloosa City Schools system to provide information on the implementation of the new Strategic Plan, which was passed in December.

An email from the Tuscaloosa City Schools states that part of the plan calls for the redrawing of attendance zoning lines. It is this part that has much of the community in an uproar, as the redrawn lines are said to appear to favor some areas over others. In addition, leaders of the Tuscaloosa County NAACP and Southern Christian Leadership Conference are said to believe money is being spent unnecessarily when the emphasis should be on education rather than consolidation and construction, which Superintendent Paul McKendrick says is an inaccurate observation.

Whatever the case, the face of the Tuscaloosa City Schools system is set to change.
Meetings have also been scheduled for Feb. 25 to explain the transition process to parents of high school students who will be impacted by the strategic plan and for Mar. 24 for parents of students who are being moved to Eastwood Middle School, as Southview Middle School is expected to close at the end of the current school year.

Tonight's meetings will be held in the auditoriums of Central, Northridge, and Paul W. Bryant High Schools. All parents of current students, prospective students, area residents, and business owners are encouraged to attend.

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