You have cancer! I can’t describe the feeling that came over me when the doctor looked at me with a stone face and told me I have cancer. All of a sudden you feel empty, helpless and scared out of your mind.

When I read this story about Tarrant police Chief Dennis Reno it touched my heart. I know what he is going through. In fact he has the same attitude I have. That attitude is that I have cancer, cancer does not have me. For now I’m in remission but well aware of the fact that the cancer can come back at any time.

The chief is doing what it takes to fight cancer. He’s determined to be in control. He has decided not to let cancer take his hair. He has decided to determine how and when his hair will leave his head.

He is taking bids from his fellow officers to see who get the honor of cutting his hair. This will happen Friday at 1 p.m. at the Tarrent Police Department with the American Cancer Society on hand to take donations.

To show their support fellow officers are shaving their heads as well.

Let me wish you the best officer Reno.

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