You just never know who will hit it off.

Deacon Ross is a 2-year-old boy from Dallas who made fast friends with a garbageman named O'Dee and gets wildly excited every time he sees O'Dee coming by. In fact, he even calls O'Dee his best friend.

Deacon's mother, Summer Ross, tells WFAA it's been a learning experience for her son:

"He's really just struck up this friendship with O'Dee. Looks forward to Fridays. I think this is Deacon's first friend [where] he really understands what friendship is."

Sadly, this friendship appears to be ending. Deacon and his family are moving to a new house off O'Dee's route because they're having another baby.

To show him how much he's meant to Deacon, Ross made a gift basket for O'Dee on what may have been the last time they crossed paths earlier this month.

O'Dee says the family has left an impression on him, too, saying, "I'm gonna miss them, too."

Yup, it's proof that you just don't know who you'll connect with -- no matter what the age difference may be.

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