More good news for Tuscaloosa-- Summer Snow is now back in business!

The Druid City's favorite shaved ice shop is once again slinging the sweet treats we know and love. Summer Snow made the announcement via Facebook yesterday.

Summer Snow will NOT be accepting cash payments and encourages patrons to be prepared to practice social distancing by standing a minimum of six feet apart from one another in line. Wait times may be longer than customers are currently used to, but hey, it's Summer Snow, y'all. You KNOW it's worth the wait.

Summer Snow had previously opened earlier this year; however, they were forced to close their doors after patrons could not follow the Center for Disease Control's best practice guidelines. I was so hype when Summer Snow opened back in March, but I never even had a chance to stop by before they were forced to shut down. I am now all out begging you guys to be smart and practice social distancing, because I cannot handle the emotional fallout of yet another cancellation or closing.

I can't wait to head to Summer Snow and order my favorite: a peach shaved ice with extra cream. Before you go in on me: I am fully aware that the cream is basically sweetened condensed milk, but I DO NOT care. It could be straight liquid glucose and I would still order extra. It's delicious.

And there's just something about holding the little styrofoam cup filled with sticky goodness on a hot summer afternoon. You cannot get through a brutal West Alabama summer without a trip to Summer Snow, so get out there and support this great local business!

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