Stop Judging and Love One Another

It is possible for you to work with someone and pray for them who is having an extramarital affair, without having one yourself. Remember, you were a sinner before you became saved by the grace of God, so act with humility and do not fall into the trap of self-righteousness. Show grace when you encounter somebody whose lifestyle make you uncomfortable. Learn as much as possible about the person, and allow your interactions to dispel any and all preconceptions and prejudices. View these people as hurting persons loved by God, people who need the same grace you received. When you love the unlovely, you are just doing what God did for you. Just because somebody's different, does not mean you should dismiss them or consider them inferior. You do not desire to be judged or demeaned because of your color, culture, or countenance, so don't do it to others! Because the Bible is very clear about not emulating others in their sinful practices, we can be sometimes tempted to think we are better than they are. That is the sin or pride! Sometimes we think if we love and accept certain people, we are condoning their sin. That is not true. Remaining respectful, and accepting others the way Jesus did. Whether it was racial differences (Samaritans), lifestyle differences (the woman at the well), or class differences (Nicodemus), Jesus loved and accepted people as they were, while encouraging them to elevate themselves to a higher level.

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