It's no secret that Stillman College has had more than its fair share of financial woes. Alumni, current students, and community partners have been working to support the school. Looks like the school has found a way to get fundraising support: a comedy show!

Who doesn't like to laugh?

As if Stillman alums Steve Brown and Jermaine "Funnymaine" Johnson aren't hilarious enough, comedian Bruce Bruce is the headliner!  Also on the show is musical guest Zeneta "Ms. Neka" Stinson.

(Credit: Stillman Millenial Council/Facebook)
(Credit: Stillman Millenial Council/Facebook)

The show is planned for Birthright Hall on November 14. With tickets being only $5 for students and $20 for the public, it's in everyone's best interest to purchase them in advance if they plan to go to the show. Once capacity is reached, the only laughter anyone else will hear will be of those who purchased the last seats.


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