For those who may have been hiding under a rock, the University of Alabama is making headlines after returning a donation of over $25 million from Hugh Culverhouse, who encouraged a boycott of the school as a result of the State of Alabama's recent law regarding abortion rights.

The drama doesn't stop there. This led to the University's decision to rename its school of law!

While many are in support of the refund, Stillman College's Millennial Council is making an appeal. In so many words, the group says, "Hey, Mr. Culverhouse! We're a private HBCU, which needs as much financial support as it can get. So, while the University of Alabama doesn't want your money, feel free to toss a little this way. We would be greatly appreciative of the gift!" (Read the actual words of the petition here.)

Now, considering the fact that Mr. Culverhouse's call for a boycott was directed at all institutions in the state, it's not likely to happen. But who knows? *shrug* Culverhouse isn't pleased with the university's decision to remove his name from its school of law. So, he just MAY want to launch another at Stillman. (Yes, that was subliminal messaging.)

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