Stillman College Has A Unique New Club On Campus

Last week, I met a young man who attends Stillman College and we had a very interesting conversation. It turns out, he's really into golf and is starting a golf club for their students!

It's not often you find young black men who are involved in golf. That's really what made me want to get to know Stillman College student Lorenzo Blake Flenoid even more. Originally from California, Lorenzo started playing golf as an escape and grew to be very good. I've seen it for myself! I watched almost every clip of him smacking golf balls on the course like a pro. It's really amazing to see.

Stillman College is looking to get more students involved in golf. They are starting a golf club for all students and will have their kickoff meeting today, September 10th, 2020. The meeting will be at the bottom of the Hay Center and will begin at 4 pm. Every student who signs up for the golf club will receive free golf lessons from Lorenzo. I took some lessons from Lorenzo and he had me hitting the ball in no time. I was so excited because it was my first time on a golf course and in minutes I was hitting the ball. I felt like a little kid! Lol!

Today's meeting will have prizes and giveaways for those who attend. This new golf club is open to both men and women.

When asked about this new club and what he'd hope students will gain, Lorenzo said "I want students to know that golf is a game of relaxation and is meant for them to have fun and put your mind at ease if you’re going through something or if you need peace of mind."

I really love the idea of this golf club. I've always wanted to see more black people and minorities in general involved in sports like soccer, tennis, baseball, and soccer. I have no doubt that this new club will be a positive outlet for students as it was for Lorenzo.

Can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things this new golf club will do for Stillman College!

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