For months, there has been talk about rapper Snoop Dogg making a gospel album.  He recently gave a brief look into the production, and the result was a wave of controversy!

On July 7, Gospel Artist Entertainment posted the following video to its Facebook page:

While many seem to like the music and understand the primarily secular artist's expression of his faith, others seem to almost condemn it.

I shared the video on my PERSONAL Facebook page and said that I would be bumping it... And I will, just as surely as he puts it out.  I don't expect everyone to like the album any more than I expect every individual to like the same type of food.  But regardless of Snoop's past or current involvement in things deemed "ungodly,"  you don't have to be a perfect being to say "thank you."

What are your thoughts? Should secular artists not express their faith if they haven't perfected it?


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