Is it a myth or are McDonald’s ice cream machines usually broken?

Well, it’s probably a bit of a myth based in truth. Apparently, there’s enough truth for some franchisees to consider fixing their machines a top priority. Full story.

Think about it… When do most people want ice cream or milkshakes? When it’s hot outside! Can you imagine how many ice cream cups, cones, and milkshake sales were lost during the summer months? Summer 2020 is said to have been the 4th hottest summer on record!

And then there’s this whole other demographic of people who seek ice cream and milkshakes as forms of comfort.  Amid this coronavirus pandemic, comfort food has been a major source of the Quarantine 15. Surely, ice cream took its role as data suggests that some companies saw up to 39% increase in sales in comparison to a year ago. Source.

Unfortunately for McDonald’s, many of the company’s competitors usually open nearby. So, when one’s machine is down, it’s easy to go to another.

This issue has taken on such a life that someone developed a website to tell which McDonald's ice cream machines are down across the country.

Simply visit and a map will appear.  Zoom in and out on the map and move it until your designated area appears.  On the left of the map is a column that tells the locations of the McDonald’s in the area.  A green dot beside the location indicates a working machine.  A red X means the machine at that location is down.

Right now, all of the machines in Tuscaloosa are in proper working order.  However, that changes as machines go down. So, if you find yourself with a hankering for ice cream or a milkshake, be sure to come here and check your nearest location first.  It could save you a trip…. And frustration.

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