Most beauty experts will tell women who shave their faces have committed the cardinal sin. The logic, they claim, is that if shaving your legs encourages hair to grow back thicker and darker then you should expect the same on your face.Turns out that may not be the case and that women shaving their face is a trick that women in Hollywood have been doing for years.

The Daily Mail interviewed one woman who claims she's been shaving her face for years and 'Make-up goes on more evenly and easily, products absorb better and my skin is in great condition. It’s the smoothest and brightest it’s been in years,' she says.

Turns out shaving your face could help skin stay youthful and even ward off wrinkles. Sometimes referred to as "dermaplaning," the process of shaving a woman's face can take place in a dermatologists office.

One thought is that regular shaving is why men age so much better than women because shaving their face exfoliates the dead skin and encourages collagen production.

Elizabeth Taylor is rumored to have shaved every day as did Marilyn Monroe. Are those paragons of beauty enough to convince you to break out the Venus on your face?

Here's a video tutorial on how women should shave their face.