It was very interesting to read yesterday of how just taking a selfie can prove to be deadly. A 43-year old Concrete, Washington man, that injury spelled death. According to the Skagit Valley County Sheriff Office, the man and his girlfriend were taking picture of themselves. It is reported that the man was holding a gun while taking the selfies, with the girlfriend indicating that the man removed the bullets and reloaded the gun several times. Thinking that the gun was empty, the victim pulled the trigger while the gun was pointed at his head, the gun discharged, resulting in his death.

To actually say that selfies are not worth dying for is a statement that shouldn't have to be stated, yet 2016 has seen nine people, including this incident die while taking selfies. Doing the math, 2016 will probably see more selfie-related deaths than 2015, which reports suggest had 27 such deaths nationwide.

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