With the threat of inclement weather, most school systems either cancel classes or delay opening. However, most employers don't. Sure, weather delays and closings are inconvenient; but administrators are proving that they're taking our children's safety seriously.

A few weeks ago, my daughter turned 4, which means I'm preparing for her to go to school. I'm ALREADY trying to figure out the logistics of getting her to school since I have to be at work WWWAAAYYY before school starts; and now, I am faced with the realization that we will experience weather days and delays.

I know for a fact that other parents have had to make adjustments for these kinds of things. So, parents, help me out. How do you manage weather delays and closings for your child when you're still expected to work? Some people are fortunate enough to have relaxed work environments, where a school delay means they're going to report to work later than usual. Others have to rely on family members and friends.

Share your experiences, whether you have a job that gives you the opportunity to adjust your schedule to fit your child's school day, if you have to use vacation time/PTO, or if you rely on family and friends. How do weather days and delays affect your schedule?