The COVID-19 virus has Tuscaloosa and all America on edge. The recent outbreak is now a global situation, and seven weeks into this thing the U.S. now known to be infected with the new strain has surpassed some 1000, with deaths. The astounding thing is that the number keep growing.

Large public gatherings and major events have been canceled. Workers have been informed that they must work from home, colleges and universities have moved classes online and schools have closed for sanitizing.

As the number of people stricken grows, so does the nation's collective uncertainty. Psychologists and public health officials indicate that public anxiety is unusually high, and it's largely fueled by a feeling of powerlessness. When one does not understand something that leaves you feeling you don't know all that you need to know to adequately protect yourself and that means to be powerless, hopeless, and helpless.

The actual spread of the corona virus 19 is not just a public health issue. It has turned out to be a global event pervading nearly every aspect of life, causing everybody to worry not only about contracting the virus but family members, other love ones, and friends. The actual uncertainty surrounding the nature of the threat increases a feeling of not being in control. Perhaps this is why people are rushing to buy toilet paper, paper towels, face masks, disinfectant and hand sanitizer, along with soap. It somehow make them feel that they are at least doing something. YOU FIGURE . . . .


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