Thinking of getting married in Alabama?  Well, some changes you need to know are on the horizon.

Beginning Aug. 29, the state will require new forms for getting married. Rather than obtain a marriage license, couples will fill out a new form, have it notarized and then take it to the probate judge within 30 days. A wedding ceremony is no longer required, but a couple can still have one if they choose. Source.

This new process is said to make it easier for couples to get married, as it decreases wait times. Sounds like the return of the marriage being more valuable than the wedding..... And more income for those who offer notary services!

According to USA Today, as of March 2019, Alabama ranked 16th in the nation for the rate of marriage but also 7th highest for divorce rate in 2017, which is believed to be related. It'll be interesting to see if the rate of divorce changes as the rate of marriages increases.

But for now, let's enjoy the fact that it's easier for couples to make lifelong commitments to each other (and see if it aids in the decrease of sexually transmitted infections, too)! Tag your favorite notary!

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