Every college football fan around the nation is aware of the rivalry between Alabama and Auburn, but you learn a lot more about the passion between fanbases when you grow up in the state. 

Alabama linebacker Reggie Ragland grew up in Madison, Alabama with a brother that pulled for Auburn so he has a first-hand understanding of the Iron Bowl.

"(The Iron Bowl) is a fun week, growing up in the state of Alabama," Ragland told the media on Monday. "In this rivalry, you're either with Auburn or you're with Alabama. There is no in-between."

Ragland explained that his brother pulls for his Crimson Tide when they aren't playing the Tigers, but he's trying to get him in crimson and white for every game.

"Sadly, my brother's an Auburn fan, but I'm trying to convert him still. After all of these years, he still won't go."

If there was any question who Ragland pulled for prior to signing with the University of Alabama out of Bob Jones High School, he put that to rest.

"Of course I picked Alabama."