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Reduce Stress with Grown-Up Play-Doh

I can recall spending hours as a kid with my Play-Doh collection. We would make everything under the sun. My favorite, making candy canes during the holidays.

Now, with the massive amount of stress that we all have in our lives. I am always looking for ways to reduce any anxiety.

Viola! Grown-Up Play-Doh. Head over to Amazon and check out this 6-pack of scented Play-Doh.

I’ve already put in my order, and it will get here in a few days. Thanks, Amazon Prime. I already know “it won't solve your first world problems, but it's a great gift for men or women, fun white elephant gifts, stocking stuffers, fidget desk toys, gag gifts, etc.”

Just imagine, after a long day of dealing with savages, you can look forward to destressing with Play-Doh. The six grown-up scents are mom jeans, dad sneakers, overpriced latte, a spa day, grill master, and Lord of the lawn. I already know, overpriced latte will be my go-to scent. #NotYourKidsPlayDoh.

So far, the grown-up Play-Doh has five stars. One review even said, “I love my mom jeans high and tight. Try it out, and don’t be stingy.” Another review admitted that they “purchased solely to use during Christmas as Adult stocking stuffers. Ho Ho Ho.”

What’s even more interesting is that “Play-Doh was actually in homes for at least 20 years before being considered a "plaything." In fact, it was marketed and sold solely for another purpose: wallpaper cleaner,” said the National Museum of Play.

(Source) For more from the National Museum of Play, click here. For more from Amazon, click here.

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