Controversy is stirring at Paul W. Bryant High School after the Tuscaloosa City Schools system announced Thursday that it was looking to hire a new football coach there.

TCS sent a press release to local media Thursday announcing job searches at PWBHS and at Central High School, where head coach Rodney Bivens resigned Monday.

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At PWBHS, though, football coach Eldrick Hill told Gary Harris of Tide 100.9 and WVUA 23 that he had not resigned and not been fired. He said the city board of education, which would make that call, doesn't meet until next Tuesday.

Hill has led the Stampede since 2014, but finished the 2022 season at 1-9, sliding to 36-55 on his career. Most of the losses this year also shaped up to be blowouts, as PWBHS was outscored 157-483 this season.

Lydia Avant, the Public Relations Director for the Tuscaloosa City Schools system, said Hill's role as the school's football coach is supplemental to his role as a teacher there.

"Eldrick Hill has not resigned and is employed as a teacher at PWBHS," Avant said in a statement to the Thread. "The position of head football coach was posted on Wednesday."

Whether Hill will decide to remain at the school as a teacher but not its football coach remains to be seen, and Hill could not be reached by phone for comment Thursday night.

This is a developing story -- stay connected to the Tuscaloosa Thread for updates as they become available.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story erroneously featured an image of another Alabama high school football team, which was taken at a game against PWBHS but featured their opponents. The original image has been swapped for a 2021 shot of the Stampede celebrating a win. 

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