Most people know that I value my privacy. Some people call it being sneaky.  I just call it "none of your business." (heeheehee) HOWEVER, every now and then, I feel the need to give a brief glimpse into my personal life; and today is just one of those days. I'm going to take you inside my house.

I shared a while back how I got my roofing replaced by ARS Roofing and Construction. However, Cassius Lanier went above and beyond for me and gave me the jump start to renovating my home. After the roof was replaced and painting was done, my sister and I replaced our front storm door.

Since that time, I've painted and decorated my daughter's bedroom, but my latest project has been my den.

I started out with what I call "apartment" carpet.  You know the tan-colored carpet that's in most apartments?  The kind that BEGS for children to spill things or for you to walk on it with dirty soles so that even after you shampoo it, it still looks dingy?  Yeah, I had that in my den.  Because I knew the den had been added onto the house, I knew it sat on a slab.  Before the Band of Brothers Brewery opened, I was fortunate to have a tour, and being who I am, I think I asked about everything BUT the beer!  I wanted to know about the ceiling, their tables, and yes.... Their flooring.  It was then that I was told it was concrete. So, when I went to do mine, I knew who to call.

(Photo credit: Facebook/Grady Anderson)

I started the process of renovating my den over the Christmas break.  I'd always HATED my brown wood paneling walls. So, they were the first thing to go.

Liner smeared and hair in a puff! Hey, I can't be glammed up ALL THE TIME!


I took advantage of Spiller Furniture's 50% Free Sale and purchased some furniture. I then set out to do away with that horrid carpet!  My sister and I had already pulled it up, but we put the padding back down during the painting process to keep paint from getting on the floor. We then rolled up the carpet, and rolled it out the door!  (My genius mind came up with that so we didn't have to wait for help to carry that long roll.)

I then started removing the nail strips from the floor.  It wasn't so bad because I'd already done it in my daughter's bedroom. So, I knew what to do for the most part.  I did have some difficulty with some spots, though.

Yep, hair tied, safety glasses, gloves and all. Safety first.

I'd set up an appointment with Grady Anderson of Anderson Flooring and Paint (the company that did Band of Brothers' floors), and after a brief consultation, he got to work.  I had a few issues with my floor (such as lines made by previous owners), but he made it work.  I told him what I wanted, and he did exactly that. No more carpet cleaning. Hello, Swiffer sweeper!

Once he gave me the green light, my brother and I moved the furniture in from my storage unit, and my sister and I spent the rest of the evening arranging things the way we want them.

Warm and welcoming!

I still have more work to do (window treatments, new fan, etc.), as I'm not COMPLETELY satisfied.  Yet, I'm content with this room for the time being. I want to do something to my fireplace.  I'm not quite sure what just yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.  Any suggestions?

Next big project: Kitchen and front bath! I can hardly wait!