I have a love for pets. I grew up with a German Sheppard and a Boston Terrier. In my adult life, I had a Jack Russell Terrier. Also, you can add birds and fish to the list of pets too. So anytime I hear about animals being abused or abandoned it breaks my heart.

Can you imagine this? You find a decent-sized bag hanging on a bush near a mailbox with 9 newborn puppies inside. This actually happened in the West End of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and that mailbox belonged to the Carnes family.

Mr. Carnes heard faint cries in the early evening which he thought was a kitten. He was shocked to discover 9 lifeless puppies on the coldest night we have had all season. Mrs. Xan Pugh Carnes said she is no stranger to people leaving their animals at her home. The last dog that was abandoned was beaten, burned, had worms, and was very sick.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. The person that left those puppies to die in the recent frigid temperatures is another discussion about pet abonnement. Mind you these puppies still had their umbilical cords attached and their eyes were closed. However, the person left those animals in the right place because Carnes went out of her way to help. She saved those puppies.

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Through her friend Dale and some Facebook networking, they were able to rescue and place the 9 puppies with a neonatal rescue service in Anniston, Alabama. Carnes loaded up her discovery late at night and made the 2 ½ hour drive each way to Neonatal Rescue in Anniston, Alabama. While they were traveling, her 3-year-old daughter was holding some of the puppies to give them warmth and comfort.

Photo Courtesy of Amanda Krug
Photo Courtesy of Amanda Krug

The puppies are being cared for by Amanda Krug with Neonatal Rescue, She has been involved with rescue animals with her mom since a young age. They specialized with rescues animals with cleft palates which they have to be tube-fed and she loves helping pregnant dogs. Her mother passed in 2020 and she keeps her memory alive through working with animal rescue. She named her mission after her mother, named “Anna’s Angel Rescue.” If you would like to donate to her rescue mission you can email her at bcmellogal@gmail.com Click here to check out the Amazon List for Anna's Angel Rescue to help out with supplies.

I’m happy to report those newborn animals are doing pretty good considering their circumstances. However, one did pass away.

This is a true act of kindness. Thank you, Xan and Amanda, for going the extra mile to help animals in need. You are some great Alabama Angels.

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