The next restaurant we're previewing for Bacon Brew & Que is Texas Roadhouse on McFarland Blvd. 

The popular steakhouse has a trio of sliders it plans to create for this year's event on October 8, which will give patrons a nice variety of options to try. As you'll see in the pictures above, they will make a scaled down version of their popular burger in the form of a bacon cheeseburger slider.

Then there's the award-winning barbecue pork sliders that will pair well with many of the craft beers at the event.

The third - and not pictured - is a late addition to the menu. Texas Roadhouse will also bring out a barbecue chicken slider to complete the trio.

All of these will be available at the Sokol Park Horse Arena on October 8 as part of the 2016 Bacon Brew & Que. Tickets are on sale now and will be cheaper if you purchase in advance.