Even when we get good at admitting our short-comings, there is one that most of us still have a little trouble owning up to. That shortcoming is cowardice. Laziness, jealousy, anger ... you may be willing to admit you struggle with those and a dozen or so other less-than-desirable qualities. However, the odds are you still won't be ready to admit that you're afraid.That's why "God, give me courage" is one of the hardest prayers to pray. But hard as it is, it also might just be the single most important one.

Why? Because everything good we do in life depends on courage. C.S. Lewis says it this way. "Courage," he stated, "is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at its testing point." In other words, there's no use in having any of the other virtues if we don't have the courage to practice them when life puts us to the test. Sooner or later, life tests all of our virtues. Having any of them without courage is like having a flashlight without batteries. No matter how big or strong that flashlight, you'll still be in the dark.

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