A little of bit of rainfall at Government Plaza on Saturday didn't stop the large crowd from gathering for the America on Tap Beer Festival in Tuscaloosa!

Hey, we did have a massive tent set up to keep everyone dry. However, the amount of water did lead to muddy areas. Now, what would a real festival be without mud, right? Thankfully, the rain did stop and the day turned out to be really nice.

Plato Jones was a hit! This band provided the perfect soundtrack to the day. Good stuff.

How about that beer variety? Wow, over 100 different types of craft beers from over 50 breweries. A bunch of them from from Alabama. Three from right here in Tuscaloosa, with Druid City Brewing, Black Warrior Brewing and the new Band of Brothers Brewing attending. People lined up to sample what the local guys had to offer. Plus, there were so many summer seasonals to explore. You could hear the question come up, which stores carry this? No doubt, the day expanded the horizons, exploring unique craft beer from all around the world.

Let's get to the photos! I hope you enjoy thumbing through the gallery from the America on Tap Beer Festival in Tuscaloosa on Saturday (May 16th).