Like many who watched Boy Meets World growing up, I was excited to see the spin-off Girl Meets World, as it shows the current lives of the people "I grew up with." Considering the fact that I regularly watch Full House reruns with my daughter, I was SUPER ecstatic to hear the news that a revamped Fuller House would be in production.

All of this made me wonder if any of my other childhood shows would be making a comeback, other than reruns.  Personally, I'd love to see how the Winslows of Family Matters turned out.  Do Laura and Steve have any children? A set of fraternal twins would be a nice: a nerdy girl and a popular boy. (By the way, did you know that the same way Michelle was played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Richie on Family Matters was played by a set of twins?)

What about the Cosbys?  I mean, there's enough controversy surrounding Bill Cosby threatening to tarnish his legacy, but what about the show's significance? I'd LOVE to see if the children of Heathcliff and Clair rear their children the same way their parents did them. We know that Sondra and Elvin didn't, but what about everyone else?  Rudy seemed like she'd have the same sass as her mother.

I'd be equally as interested to know if Michael Seaver's children give him as much trouble as he gave his parents on Growing Pains.

So, what are some of your favorites you'd like to see revamped?