On Spouses Day, My Wife Came To My Rescue At Stillman 

Tonight, I watched my first Stillman basketball game ever! It was LIT, but that wasn't the most exciting thing that happened at the game.

MAYDAY! CODE RED! MAN DOWN! That was pretty much how I called my wife as soon as the first Stillman College basketball game started earlier tonight.

Ok, in all actuality that's not how it went down but it felt that way! Tonight was the first of many Stillman basketball games that I will DJ this season. Just before tip-off, I had the most technical difficulty of all difficulties. My DJ mixer randomly malfunctioned! Anyone who knows me knows that I hate when anything goes wrong when I'm at a DJ gig.

The worst part is, this just happened to be the night that I didn't bring backup equipment with me. I was so embarrassed.

I called my wife and asked if she could bring my other mixer from home. She agreed right away and was so encouraging. She buckled in our 11-month-old son, packed up the mixer, and came to Stillman to bring me the mixer. While I was stressed out and sending her text after text, she just responded, "Yes baby. Do you need anything else?" WHO IS THIS WOMAN?!

She's my wife! My spouse! It's nights like these that I'm reminded how much of a blessing marriage can be. The partnership is beautiful. The willingness to help your spouse in their time of need no matter what it is. Ironically, today is National Spouses Day! How fitting!

S/O to all the people that are married or engaged. It's definitely a journey but well worth it.

Lastly, a major shoutout to the Stillman College Basketball teams and coaching staff, and students. I enjoyed my night with you all and can't wait to do it again! Go Tigers!

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