This is the story of two Tricias'.

One has terminal liver cancer and the other is the nurse who treated the Tricia with cancer.

45 year-old Tricia Somers had accepted there was no cure for her disease but one worry overshadowed everything. Somers is a single mom and she had no one to care for her 8 year old son after her death.

That's where Tricia Seaman came in. The nurse had developed a bond with the patient who shared her name but still, the woman's panicked request took her by surprise.

'Let me talk it over with my husband,' the nurse responded. Don Seaman, her husband said yes without hesitation because he said, "In 20 years, I have never had an occasion not to trust my wife's heart,"

Now, Tricia Somers and her son Wesley live with the Seaman family. This past May, the Seaman's became Wesley's legal guardians and. Somers continues her chemotherapy.

"I am at peace and I accept it," she says. "I know he will be taken care of."

See the video below.