Nowhere Fast . . .

I walked very fast, almost running at times, and worked up a sweat. After about a mile or so,I begin to jog and then ran as hard as I could. Finally, after 30 minutes, I stopped. My heart was pounding strongly, my shirt was soaking wet. However I had gone nowhere. I had just done 3 miles on the treadmill.

After cooling off, I sat down with my Bible. I was following a reading schedule and the selection for the day was from the book of Numbers. I found myself reading some of it slowly and some faster, but I felt at times that I was not getting anywhere, like I was back on the treadmill. Censuses wee taken. The long journey was recapped. The tribes were listed and relisted. The very next day I began reading Deuteronomy. More wanderings. More about the Israelites and their land.

However, when I got to chapter 4, I realized why all the recapping was important. Moses told the people not "forget the things your eyes have seen . . .teach them to your children." The aforementioned passage was not about Israel going nowhere fast. It was about training, about a lesson in using God's past actions as instruction for future godly living.

All scripture is given by the inspiration of God. So even when it may seem unimportant, keep reading. At times we have to be patient to realize its full  purpose. You will find that God speaks to us through His Word; take the time to listen.

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