With all of the craziness in the world today, everyone should know some basics of self-defense.  Being that women are generally seen as more helpless, they are targeted as victims more than men.

However, women in West Alabama have a resource which can come in handy if taken seriously.

The Northport Police Department is hosting the “Equalizer Women’s Self Defense Class” at the Law Enforcement Academy beginning Tuesday, September 3.

As of now, the class is full.  However, for future reference, it is a self defense class for women, taking place over four Tuesdays, including a range day on one Saturday from 9-1pm.

The cost for the class is only $15. So, every woman in West Alabama should be able to attend at some point. For more information about upcoming classes beyond the September session, email Sgt. Blalock at ablalock@cityofnorthport.org.

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