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Don't get me wrong I love the Dollar General as much as the next guy, But how close do they really have to be. In this case, it's less than an eighth of a mile.

Dollar General is opening a new location on 69 north, across the street from Little Caesars Pizza and between the Speedy Oil change and prefab home dealer.

Audio Bob
Audio Bob

My only problem with that is that I can see the other Dollar General location from the parking lot of this brand new location.

Google maps
Google maps

This Dollar General is located in the Piggly Wiggly and Ace Hardware Shopping center just up the street.

I figured they were closing the other location, but to my surprise, I found out they weren't.

When I asked an employee at the current store why they would build another location so close, she told me because the community voted on it and wanted another location.

I understand the convenience, But this is ridiculous!  The stores are literally across the street from each other. How's that a good business move? If anything Dollar General should have built one of the fresh market stores.

Dollar General To Open Over 700 New Stores In 2015
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What gets me, is that I could see so many other things in that location.


Just saying!

But the DG doesn't need my advice on how to grow the company. They plan on opening thousands of stores nationwide.

I'm guessing by this time next year everybody's going to be within a mile of a Dollar General.


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