Need To Relax?  Try Yoga

I was exposed to yoga about ten years ago when I lived in Birmingham.  I found it to be an excellent outlet for stress, worry, and the obstacles that life can give us.  I was a member of a Yoga studio and took class every Tuesday and Thursday night.  It was some of the best sleep I ever experienced.  I’ve been slowly getting back into the routine of mediation and yoga.  Honestly, I really don’t remember why I stopped practicing.  More than likely, time and life got in the way.  According to the American Osteopathic Association, they note that “maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide physical and mental health benefits.” I love the fact that yoga can help more than just the physical because, for me, it always helps with the clarity of my thoughts.  In other words, I have a way to get to a place of peace of mind.  The physical benefits are fantastic too; the American Osteopathic Association noted that “other physical benefits of yoga include: increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, energy, and vitality, maintaining a balanced metabolism, weight reduction, cardio and circulatory health, improved athletic performance, and protection from injury.”

I was on Facebook and found a very neat event, “Yoga to Relax hosted by Yoga Steps on Friday, July 17, 2020, from 6 pm – 7 pm.”  The Facebook Event page provided these details about the free class “Unwind your day with gentle movements, breathing, and longer held poses.  Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 886 3731 4404 and the Password: 562816”

(Source) For the full story from the American Osteopathic Association, click here.  For the Yoga To Relax Facebook Event Page, click here.

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