The events of the Bentley scandal traveled like Morse Code over the country. It certainly traveled well beyond the borders of Alabama. However, it did not travel very well for Bentley.

The country's most influential newspaper, The New York Times, ran an article on its website from Montgomery that included over 1100 words, rather lengthy for a newspaper article, and an accompanying photo of Bentley smiling with top adviser Mason.

"Now Mr. Bentley's reputation and legacy are at risk, in large part because of his communications with Ms. Mason, a political impresario who helped engineer and maintain his rise to power." The Times reported.

Another well know paper, The Washington Post reported on all of the events in Montgomery with this headline: The 4 most eyebrow-raising parts of the crazy affair allegation against Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley. This headline was written and posted on the Post's website even before Bentley's press conference and the story was subsequently updated.

As you can readily understand, the Robert Bentley scandal is not thought very well of nationally. During a time as the people of Alabama continue to come to grips with tough economic times, something of this magnitude is certainly not good for the state nor its people.

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