Mary K’s Last Five Amazon Purchases

I am in a sharing mode, so here are the last five things I bought from Amazon.  I hope these products bring you as much joy as they have me.

I am working on my digital portfolio, and I needed a new tripod.  This tripod is impressive and is compatible with iPhones and Android phones.  The tripod doubles as a selfie stick has a remote, and a go pro attachment.

In preparing for 2020, I’ve already gotten my monthly calendar.  I have been using this AT-A-GLANCE product since 1999.

My last car phone mount broke, so I went the air vent clip way this time!

I am trying to keep my closets nice and tidy.  I got these wire shelf dividers to help keep my purses organized.


To maximize space in my apartment, I use the over the door organizers in the kitchen for all my tumblers and protein shakers.  So far, I love the organization of it.

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