Bullying has become a hot-button issue, but one mother has a take on it that may surprise you.

Stephanie Metz, 29, of Rapid City, South Dakota wrote a blog post called 'Why My Kids Are NOT the Center of My World,' in which she laments how we've gone soft when it comes to dealing with kids.

Metz's post has gotten a whopping 750,000 hits and been shared on social media.

Metz's most controversial comments are reserved for bullying:

Understand I am not condoning kids to be cruel to each other, but I think kids need to toughen up when kids are not nice to them."

Metz decided to write the blog after her four-year-old son elected not to bring a toy to school for show and tell because he feared it resembled a weapon and might get him suspended.

She wrote:

How long will it be before their typical boy-ish behavior gets them suspended from school?  How long before they get suspended from daycare???  How long will it be before one of them gets upset with a friend, tells that friend to go away and leave them alone, and subsequently gets labeled as a bully? The mentality of our society in 2013 is nauseating to me, friends.

Metz defended her statements by saying, “Kids are being raised to never have to deal with adversity. I don’t think we are raising a generation that will be able to function in the real world."


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