Earlier this week, a kangaroo went missing in Cullman, Alabama. The most interesting part of the story is what the kangaroo loves to eat.

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Jackie Leggs lives in Cullman and has gone missing multiple times. According to Cullman Daily, he's gone missing twice this year.

The first time I can recall seeing a kangaroo missing in Alabama was back in March of 2021. A kangaroo who was being transported to Tennesee, and hopped into the woods while at a temporary stop in Winfield.

The hunt for the kangaroo had gotten so famous that the Winfield Police Department even became invested in the situation.

Upon his capture, they posted a picture of the kangaroo being captured on their Twitter page.


The picture was entertaining enough, but there was even a video of the capture caught on camera. In the video, you can see multiple people trying to lure the kangaroo in to be captured.

After a bit, you can see it all come to an end when one man jumps and tackles the kangaroo and allowed time for others to come in and assist with the capture.


Recently, a kangaroo was on the loose in Cullman. the Cullman Daily Facebook page posted a picture of Jackie Leggs in hopes of locating the missing kangaroo.

The original post put Cullman on notice about the missing kangaroo. The post garnered close to one thousand shares and hundreds of comments.


The first time Jackie Leggs went missing, the strangest food combination ended up being used to capture him.

That combination was beer and cheese puffs.

Jackie Leggs sounds like a guy we'd all like to hang out with.

Fortunately, he was found safe and is back home.


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