When Alabama defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick intercepted Arkansas quarterback Austin Allen for the third time, he found himself in the back of his own endzone.

The natural reaction is to take a touchback and give the ball back to the offense, and some of this teammates were telling him just that early in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game. But one Crimson Tide defender had a different idea.

"As soon as I caught the ball, Eddie (Jackson) had like tapped my arm, and I looked at him and he's pointing," Fitzpatrick said on Monday. "He was just like, 'Come on, come on.' And I looked and the whole left side of the field was wide open so I was just like we gotta take it out."

That's exactly what he did. Fitzpatrick went 108 yards down the left sideline for the longest interception return in school history.

"I just followed him. He threw a couple good blocks, got the quarterback on the ground, and I just followed him to the endzone."

The touchdown gave Alabama its eighth defensive score of the season, which leads the nation. Fitzpatrick and Jackson have combined for seven total touchdowns over the past 17 games, and the former thinks both players could be effective on the other side of the ball as well.

"I think we'd be pretty good receivers," Fitzpatrick said. "You know, Eddie Jackson does punt returns, too. He kinda proved he can run around and make plays out there, and I had a couple pick sixes last year and this year so I think we'd be pretty good receivers."