The first documentary about Maya Angelou is in the works!

According to the late Ms. Angelou's public figure Facebook page, with the permission of her family, directors Rita Coburn Whack and Bob Hercules have launched an attempt to raise the final funds needed to complete the Maya Angelou documentary, in which she shared stories through interviews with the filmmakers.

The directors hope to obtain $150,000 in support to cover archival licensing rights for images and footage, final edits, sound mixing, and color correction.... Mainly, production necessities. So far, they've received donations totaling just over $16,000.

In as much as her wisdom and artistic voice helped to influence some of the most prolific speakers and philosophers of our time, it would be interesting to have the opportunity to see moments of her life and ideas shared that have not yet been exposed to the masses.  Those interested in contributing to the funding of this project to commemorate the legacy left by Ms. Angelou should click here.