Have you heard about the haunted house on Main Avenue in Northport? Yeah, there have been lots of reports of strange activity going on inside the building, and we've got the keys to the door! Would you like to take a walk through?

The haunted house is up Main Avenue from the location we were at last year. Up at this new house lives this misunderstood girl, who was in an asylum. Some say she escaped.  I believe her name was Alice, but these days she goes by MALICE! We now have a limited chance to take a sneak peek of Malice and her Otherworld.

I went over to the house, and let me say this place is creepy! You take this walk from the parking area, around the house to this large deck and the back door. The windows are all boarded up in various colors. I entered to find a long dark hallway and this stuff from the ceiling. Cobwebs? What I would find on this dark and long journey was terrifying. There is blood everywhere. It was time to get out, but so many doors and dead ends, no lights. Uh oh, and there is more than Malice in the house! I escaped, thankfully.

Take a tour for yourself, if you dare! Click the link below for tickets and times.

Let me share a few photos. There should have been more, but something happened, they're gone.

This is the backdoor. Notice all the windows are covered up. What's that thing over there?

I went a little closer to that monster on the fence to take another photo. I notice now, there is something in the window reflection. Do you see that?

I'd take a seat, but, LOOK OUT! What's that mummy doing down there??

This is the only photo that remained on my phone after leaving the house. So red. What is that?!