It's not uncommon to see a bit of "competition" within church leadership, but at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church in Tuscaloosa, it's gone to a whole new level!

Earlier this week, Youth Pastor Mario Cooper posted on Facebook that he'd been challenged to a race by Elder Howard Speights.

Funny.  Most thought it was a passing joke until this came out:

Somebody is taking this thing seriously, huh?

This race has taken on a whole new life! Upon hearing about the it, someone suggested having logos printed on t-shirts as race sponsors, with the proceeds to benefit scholarship funds.


When asked how he felt about all of the hoopla concerning the race, Speights said, "I'm not a guy that talks a lot of smack.  When a challenge is issued, I just step to the plate. I'll let the result speak for itself. We'll see at the end."

Other than that, he's been rather quiet concerning the matter.  It's hard to determine if that's because he's really planning to deliver a major blow and shock everyone or if he thinks he might not win and doesn't want to put himself out there too much.

Either way, it's going down at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church (1110 26th Ave East; Tuscaloosa, AL 35404.... Just in case you need it for your GPS) 20 minutes after benediction on Sunday, September 18, 2016.

(Sidenote: For parents who plan to attend services, be it noted that children's church and a nursery are available.)