One of Tuscaloosa's leading local business owners has lost his wife to the novel Coronavirus. Tom Ozment, owner of Tuscaloosa's Fincher & Ozment Jewelers, shared his tragic news on Facebook Tuesday night. His wife, Leah, passed away after battling COVID-19.

"Tonight Leah lost her battle with Covid-19. She was more fragile than anyone realized, and after moving her to do the tracheotomy, her body just couldn’t handle it," he said.

"She coded and was revived many times by the incredible staff at DCH, but it was God’s plan for her to come and be with him tonight," he added.

Ozment said his family is in the process of making arrangements and thanked his friends and patrons for their words of sympathy.

He ended his announcement by stressing the importance of renaming cognizant of the threat of COVID-19.

"If you take anything from this, let it be that this virus is real and dangerous, and everyone needs to take it seriously," Ozment said.

Ozment's heartbreaking announcement should serve as a reminder that the threat of the novel Coronavirus is real, and that we each need to do our part in mitigating its spread.

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