The story goes that royal dignitary was greeting residents at a nursing home facility, when he was surprised by the unresponsiveness of a woman who just sat there and stared at him. Finally, the dignitary asked, "Do you know who I am?" The woman responded: "No, But that nurse over there helps us with those kinds of things."

There are many people who are confused about who Jesus is. But through His Word, God helps us know and enjoy the real Jesus. You will find Him wonderfully compelling. Tough fishermen, tax collectors, and zealots gave up everything to follow Him (Mark 1:18). Women felt safe with Him. Crowds of people stood in awe of His Power and authority.

Jesus is not content to be just our "fire insurance," saving us from eternal punishment in hell. Rather, He desires us to know Him for who He really is and desires to connect with us on a deeper, more personal level.

If you are weary of a religion that is about rules and regulations, then welcome to life beyond the rituals. Welcome to a relationship in which you can find companionship, comfort, wisdom, and reality. Welcome to the privilege of getting to know Jesus and the joy of following Him. Get to know Him, and you will definitely grow to love Him more and more each and every day.

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