At a time when everything seems to be uncertain, music plays a critical role in maintaining peace of mind. For some, having something to dance to is soothing.  For others, it's easy listening. In the faith-based community, a significant go-to is gospel.

West Alabama is not short on performers, and one who is making leaps in the gospel music industry is L. Spenser Smith.

In 2019, Smith released his single "Saint's Remorse," and a video for the single was recently released.

Not too churchy, a poetic release of feelings and thoughts from anyone of faith who has ever strayed and been convicted, "Saint's Remorse" compels every listener to take an inward look into himself, repent, and make strides to be better.

The vocals are remarkable, and the production is simply stellar. So, adding the video component only pushed this release to the next level.

Want to know more about this artist and how you may obtain his music? Click here.

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