The picture above is how we remember Krystal on McFarland near I 59/20. However, the newly, re-built Krystal will look something like THIS...

Screenshot (19)

Back in May, Krystal closed it's doors so it could completely re-build, and serve Tuscaloosa with a more convenient, more efficient, more pleasurable dining experience. However, tomorrow, Monday August 20th, Krystal re-opens it's doors to all of us fans of their hamburgers. If you want to know more the particulars of the new Krystal, you can read all about it HERE

Please note that there will be an official Grand Re-Opening on Thursday, September 13th. But if you don't want to wait until the "official" opening, know that you'll be able to get your sack of Krystal's TOMORROW.

I'll see you in the drive-thru!:-)

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