While most toddlers struggle to learn how to use the potty, one tot in Cleveland is busy mastering geography.

In this video, 18-month-old Aanav Jayakar reels off several world capitals.

In fact, he knows the capitals of about 61 countries, even if he has trouble pronouncing some of them. Aanav, who was actually 17 months old when this video was made, learned the capitals from his mother, who says she never forced him to learn; rather, he just seems to have a pretty stellar memory, not to mention a big head start once he starts social studies.

Aanav can also wow you with his ability to identify countries on a map, which you can see below.

Pretty impressive stuff. We'd like to be able to bring him along the next time we're trying to figure out how to get to the Auntie Anne's when looking at the mall directory.

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