Show me the money indeed. Centre College, in Danville. Kentucky, got the gift of a lifetime this week when it received a $250 million donation.

The school announced the money comes as stock in Universal Computer Systems Holding Inc. and will be used to pay scholarships for students studying natural sciences, economics and computational sciences.

The school received the money from the A. Eugene Brockman Charitable Trust. Brockman's son attended Centre, but he left the school because it didn't offer a degree in business administration. Still, his son, who now runs the trust, thoroughly enjoyed his experience at the school.

The gift is one of the 20 biggest given to any college in the US and the second-biggest since 2011 when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave $350 million to Johns Hopkins.

And while Centre doesn't have the name recognition of a Harvard or a Stanford, this donation may prove to be a wise investment – the school has produced a pair of vice presidents and two Supreme Court justices.

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