The University of Alabama football team got some time on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, but it wasn't all positive.

Host John Cena played the part of a Crimson Tide football player taking his final exam of the semester. Cena says he takes his academics seriously and want participate in the bowl game against Washington if he doesn't finish with an A+ in every class.

As his classmates are discussing quantum entanglement in paired particles and ionization in the gas phase, Cena shared his findings on bananas. His professors, who are wearing crimson and white face paint and asking for autographs, hand him a perfect grade despite his obvious academic shortcomings.

You don't see SNL dive into college sports very often, but they used Cena to portray the dumb athlete stereotype and there's no bigger name in college football. But the portrayal isn't too accurate considering The University of Alabama consistently produces some of the top APR scores in the nation.

Do you have a problem with the skit or did you enjoy their sense of humor?