Have you ever had someone that you grew up watching and could not wait to meet?

Even in your wildest dreams, you could never imagine meeting this special person. You know that if it ever came true, you'd cherish that moment forever.

It seems like that's exactly what happened with these two young fans when they met former Crimson Tide quarterback and current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

While at an autograph signing event with CSA Shows, two young fans can be seen running down the aisle for some reason.

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The reason was shortly revealed as they turned the corner to meet Jalen Hurts and took a few selfies with them.

The excitement on their faces is priceless. They were filled with gratitude and all you can hear them saying is "Thank you Jalen! Thank you! Oh my god, thanks."

They were so mannerable and respectful. You can tell by the way their eyes lit up as they were standing in front of Jalen that they will forever remember this moment.

Hurts took the time to have a brief conversation with one of the young fans. He was so excited to share with Jalen that he could throw the ball 32 yards and even referred to Jalen Hurts as the GOAT.

It's moments like these that make it all worth it. Seeing Crimson Tide players leave Tuscaloosa, go on to the NFL, and continue to make an impact in the lives of young people all over the country.

A huge Roll Tide to Jalen Hurts. We look forward to seeing him doing big things on the field this season with the Eagles.

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