Have you ever had a moment where you wished you could close your eyes, but you knew if you didn't watch you'd be in even more danger? Well, that was me while driving across the bridge leaving New Orleans this weekend.

Let me preface this by saying I've had a fear of bridges for as long as I can remember.  I think it stemmed from watching movies where bridge opened while a car was on it, and the driver accelerated just enough to make it to the other side. As a child, when we'd go across these draw bridges, I always thought they would open and we wouldn't be going fast enough.  So, while traveling, I'd always close my eyes when we came to them.  I'd even have nightmares where we'd be in the car, falling towards the water, but I always woke up just before we broke the surface.

As I got older and understood the dynamics more, I became more comfortable with bridges.... Until my first trip to New Orleans.  Of course, this was after Hurricane Katrina. So, in the back of my mind (as stupid as it seems now that I'm writing it), I have this fear that the bridge may not be as strong as engineers think and that it could collapse while I'm on it. It absolutely does not help that its peak is so high.

Every other time I've come into New Orleans, it has been dark. So, I didn't see the water coming in.  This was the first time I've driven across it by myself.  Usually, I have at least one passenger to keep me company.  We talk until we get across. This time, I was not so fortunate.  I'm getting dizzy all over again just thinking about it.